How to install a niche

Step 1 - Make a recess in the wall 25mm smaller than the niche shell.

Step 2 - If you are installing the niche against a structural wall it is very important to check the need for a lintel. If you are installing the niche against a cavity wall you will need to put a damp proof membrane behind the niche. If you would like a small strip of light you must position the flex under the ground glass base.

Step 3 - Screw two mirror plates to the base, hold the unit where you would like it to be positioned, mark the position with a pencil for drilling the the screw holes. We recommend that the wall plaster be rebated by approximately 12mm which can be later filled in to hide the fixing points. Drill and plug the fixing holes then screw the base into position.

Step 4 - Screw three mirror plates onto the back of the shell, one at each side approximately 150mm above the base with the last at the top. Drill the wall as for the particular base and screw into place ensuring it is securely fixed.

Step 5 - The ground glass base sits in the rebate formed by the base and shelf and does not need any further fixing. The remaining shelves are held in place by drilling the shell to receive the white studs. We recommend you draw a line with a pencil at whatever height you choose.

Step 6 - Fill around the niche against the wall and the joint between the niche shell and it's base. Fill the rebate with plaster and filler. Clean off excess filler and allow the plaster to set. The niche can either be painted or left plain depending on your preference.

Installing a corner niche

Installing a corner niche is easier than installing a niche onto a central part of a wall.

Step 1 - First ensure the wall surface where the corner niche is to be installed to are in a good condition.

Step 2 - The niche mirror plates are fixed in the same way as above.

Step 3 - Fixing the niche to the wall and finishing procedures are similar to the recessed niche.

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