How to install a plaster centrepiece

Step 1 - Decide where you would like to have the centrepiece located. Hold the centrepiece to the ceiling and mark around the outside edge with a pencil.

Step 2 - Using a nail probe within the marked area, find the ceiling joist. Using a galvanised or rust proof nail or screw fasten the the centrepiece to the joist through the lashes in the centrepiece. Do not rely on only adhesive to fix the centrepiece to the ceiling.

If you want to have a light fitting through the centrepiece, simply drill the hole for the wires and thread them through.

When installing a light fitting you must make sure it is securely fastened to the ceiling joist and not just the centrepiece.

Once the light fitting has been installed fill the perimeter in the same way as filling joints and mitres as described below.

Filling joints and mitres

Mix a small quantity of plaster in water until you have a milk consistency. Cut a square piece of scrim cloth (hessian) at the same width of the cornice and soak in the mixture. Wipe any excess mixture and using a filling knife or other appropriate tool, push the scrim into the joint. Ensure the scrim is behind of the surface of the cornice and fill the joint with a semi dry plaster mix. Clean away any excess plaster mix. As the jointing plaster begins to set carve it away to create an clean invisible joint.

Finally fill in the gaps where the cornice meets the wall and ceiling. Brush away any loose material and when dry the cornice is ready to be painted.

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